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Welcome to Michiel Huisman Fan, the fansite for Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. Or as one article called him, 'that hot scruffy dude from all your favorite shows'! Whether you're a new fan or have followed his career, we hope to give you the most up-to-date and complete information about Michiel. Enjoy your stay!

Daenerys And Daario Caught On Riva

Written by  Ivica Profaca

We already published several series of photographies from Game of Thrones set in Split, but something was missing – the show’s stars. Now, we finally got it!


Once again, thanks to our friend Goran Leš, one of the most dedicated Game of Thrones “chasers”. With an excellent mixture of luck and skills, he caught probably two biggest stars to be a part of filming in Split, Emilia Clarke (Danerys Targaryen), and Michiel Huisman (Daario Naharis). They were returning from set in Diocletian’s Palace subterranean halls, something we already saw, thanks again to Goran and Split Portal. Just before entering their trailers parked on Split waterfront Riva, they were caught. As you can see, Iron Throne pretender carefully covered her trademark, a platinum hair. Either Split sun was too bright, or attempt of disguise.


According to those who read A Song of Ice and Fire, and know everything about Game of Thrones, Daario and Daenerys will be some of the leading characters in the fifth season. Looking forward for seeing more of Split in HBO’s show.


Source: Split

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