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A Fansite for Dutch Actor/Musician Michiel Huisman

Welcome to Michiel Huisman Fan, the fansite for Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. Or as one article called him, 'that hot scruffy dude from all your favorite shows'! Whether you're a new fan or have followed his career, we hope to give you the most up-to-date and complete information about Michiel. Enjoy your stay!

Okay – I used Google to translate this from Dutch to English so its not completely accurate but my Dutch friend said its close. 



Michiel Huisman – as he himself occasionally suddenly realized – ‘just really to succeed “because in America. In the new ELLE (from today in the shop!) You can read an interview with the Game of Thrones -acteur who shines alongside Blake Lively in June in the movieThe Age of Adaline . But because we had so much to ask Michael, we already start here at ELLE.nl.

By Iris Vandemoortele



You’re starting June 18 in The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively. What kind of movie is it?


“It’s a very beautiful romantic drama. It has a kind of magic, and it looks beautiful. It is also very fashionable or so. Blake looks incredibly beautiful, as you would expect from her. She plays a woman born at the beginning of the twentieth century and in a bizarre manner at any given time is not older than 29. So we see her in all these different periods, in the twenties, thirties, so and the clothing styles and the way it was filmed, are wonderful. “



Another opponent is Harrison Ford [he plays opposite Harrison Ford]. What was it like working with him?


“Harrison Ford plays my father. The moment he came on the set, it was just very exciting. Then you think: how will it be? What will he think of me? I noticed immediately that he has an incredible passion for acting. I thought: if I over thirty years still with so much passion in a set can be, that would be really cool. I can imagine it. I’m sure now. And if you with nice, talented people can keep working – why stop?



Many European actors play in Hollywood especially Europeans. But you also play Americans. Why is that?


“Maybe because I have a while in the US live. But I’ve also worked very hard on my accent and I still do. That is one reason why The Age of Adaline work for me is special and marks a new beginning. It’s my first male lead in a Hollywood movie, but I also play just an American. And nobody Seems to question that. That to me is very cool. In upcoming projects I’m playing mostly Americans. In The Swimmer, we probably start running this summer, I play an American boy who travels around the world when he’s not in the office. He has some dull job, but also wild river swimmer , in those very violent rivers where you normally go rafting. “



It is also increasingly difficult to not quit your full Dutch with English words?

“I talk about a lot of things especially in English. I just had a press day in London for The Age of Adaline and something of twelve, fifteen interviews done in English. If I have something to say about the movie, I know what I want to tell because I’ve already done a few times. But then I really do think, oh my God , I have to say it in Dutch. So it’s not that I think in Dutch and then pronounceable in English. I think probably also in English, and then I returned smoothness voice. So dull! I find it very irritating because it’s like: Oh, he can no longer Dutch? Is-ie five years away and then suddenly: I do not really speak English anymore. “



What cliché about American cinema is true?

“I have experienced in LA that I really got the idea of people: I’m gonna be the next big thing ., probably next week casting directors, producers, they were all well . Twenty projects for me . And I never heard anything so cliché it is a bit of ‘ you’re fantastic, you’re amazing ‘ – and then nothing. You all need with a huge grain of salt, it is their way to be sympathetic. But that does not mean you’re the next big thing or the next week in a movie. “



Do you have good friends in the US?

“Yes, we have a small group of good friends in New Orleans (where Michael lives with his wife Tara Elders and daughter Hazel, ed.). But we in the Netherlands have also very good friends and I know a lot of them for so long. One of my best friends I’ve known since I was six. No way is that you can build up a friendship that attaches so quickly. And you do not because we see our Dutch friends fortunately still a lot, people come visit us regularly. “



How is it during the filming of the series and movies, you have extra cozy sets through?


“The sets of Game of Thrones are very very nice. The series is recorded in Ireland, Croatia and Spain. It’s such a big production. There’s a lot of time in building the sets. You’re often in a location where you can not just to your trailer and then we’ll have a really good vibe with our group. “



So you do not get bored with all that hanging? Do you play Angry Birds?

“I do some, but I’ve never played a game on my iPhone. I sometimes read a book but I find sometimes difficult, you have to switch so afterwards. Often I am chatting and as we are waiting for something very complicated about it than I do sometimes look at the crew, how they do it. I’m secretly a little bit of a geek. I just wanna know everything. Then I’m going to look here and there look. In Game of Thrones is extra fun because it really is mega, anyway we are always hundred men crew . And if you have a very complex scene with dragons or so, you’ve filled a whole tent on set with special effects guys , a delegation from LA with giant computers. So I do not get bored. “



Thinking about someday to organize it?

“It’s not that I think very active, I must pay attention. But I can imagine me that seems very nice, later when I grow up. “




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