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Welcome to Michiel Huisman Fan, the fansite for Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. Or as one article called him, 'that hot scruffy dude from all your favorite shows'! Whether you're a new fan or have followed his career, we hope to give you the most up-to-date and complete information about Michiel. Enjoy your stay!

Michiel is so adorable in this interview!


Hitting theatres this week is The Age of Adaline, which stars Blake Lively as the titular character, a woman who has been stuck in her 20s for some 80 years. In that time, she has become wise and savvy behind a youthful, beautiful facade. She’s crafty when it comes to investing money, she speaks a variety of languages, and she understands that her unique condition needs to be kept very quiet.


So, when the tall, dark, and handsome Ellis comes along, Adaline is a bit conflicted. Played by Michiel Huisman, Ellis is affluent and altruistic, perhaps a bit immature and certainly folksy, and maybe too persistent when it comes to wooing Adaline. Despite this, the two slowly start to fall for each other, but a weekend away with Ellis’ parents force Adaline to confront her past and make a fateful decision about her future.


Last week, Huisman visited Toronto to promote the film and while he was here, I landed an exclusive interview with him. During our discussion, he spoke about the courtship of Adaline, cheesy one-liners, and working with the legendary Harrison Ford.



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When people approach “The Age of Adaline” star Michiel Huisman and say, “Are you the guy from …?” he enjoys that moment before the question is finished.


“I have a beat to think, ‘Is she going to say ‘Nashville’ or ‘Orphan Black’ or whatever,’” says the 33-year-old Dutch actor, who’s also been seen on “Treme” and currently stars as Daario Naharis on “Game of Thrones,” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. “And I turn out to be wrong almost all the time. I guess it shows that I really can’t tell who’s watching what. ‘Game of Thrones’ is obviously the biggest show and the most popular show I’ve worked on, so you’d think that that’s always going to be the one. It’s not necessarily always the one.”


On Friday, viewers finally can see him starring on the big screen (Huisman also appeared in “Wild” last year and previously in several shows and movies in his home country) as a highlight of “The Age of Adaline.” He plays Ellis, the man who makes Adaline (Blake Lively) question her usual policy of running away from almost everyone she encounters—a result of not wanting anyone to do experiments on her if they found out she’s 107 years old and doesn’t age.


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Michiel Huisman is well-known for his many standout TV roles, but this month, he’s hitting the big screen opposite Blake Lively in the romantic drama The Age of Adaline. Chances are you recognize the handsome actor from shows like Game of Thrones, Nashville, and Orphan Black, or maybe you remember him as Jonathan in Wild. In this month’s film, Michiel plays Ellis, the charming, romantic man who falls for Adaline (Blake), a woman who never grows old. We recently sat down with the actor to talk about the movie, and he touched on what he loved about the film, what he had a hard time accepting, and why it felt like such a “natural thing” for Blake to become a mother in real life. Keep reading to see what Michiel had to say about his costar and his upcoming film, then check out what he told us about Game of Thrones.


POPSUGAR: What drew you to the movie?

Michiel Huisman: Coming off of a lot of TV shows, I was really hoping to make that jump to movies. I couldn’t believe that I would have the opportunity to make this much of a jump, to play the male lead opposite people like Blake and Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn in a proper Hollywood romantic drama. I love the story and the premise and how it played with that idea of immortality being actually a burden and not, you know — forever young is actually not something you want.


PS: What was your first impression of Blake when you guys met?

MH: It’s always a little scary in a romantic movie like The Age of Adaline. I think it’s very important that you believe that these two people are meant for each other, and that you buy into the chemistry, and that’s something that’s either there or it’s not really there. I felt like right from the start we had a lot of fun, and I was very impressed by how she approached her role, which I think was very challenging. As we were shooting it, I thought, “Wow, she’s really found a way to kind of dial in that 100-year-old woman, that old soul.” When you’re working with someone and you’re looking at them and you’re thinking, “Wow, you’re doing a great job,” that makes you want to step it up, too. It’s very inspiring.


PS: Blake is a new mom now, so have you guys gotten to kind of bond over the parenthood during your press tour? Did you have any advice for her?

MH: I would never even try to give someone advice on parenting because it’s so hard, and you kind of figure it out as you go. But Blake, even before they had their child, there’s something in her that kind of has always been a mom, I think. To me it seems a very natural thing for her to now actually be a mom to their daughter.

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yesterday Twitter did a Q&A with Michiel and Blake Lively so that fans could ask them about The Age of Adaline. Since there were quite a few videos (one per question), there was quite a lot of them. I have compiled them all into two videos for anyone who wants to watch.

Actors Blake Lively and Michiel Huisman chat with Tony Toscano about the new film “The Age of Adaline”


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Mention Game of Thrones star Michiel Huisman to a female friend, and the reaction is usually something about dreamboats, perhaps with some slightly labored breathing, and then a question: “Where did he come from, and how is he suddenly everywhere?” The 33-year-old Dutch actor is a rare hybrid species: appealing to fans of beefcake, medieval history, and television of the highest quality. On Thrones, he plays Daario Naharis, the dashing soldier who slayed for and seduced Daenerys Targaryen this past season, resulting in a nude scene that was the male version of #BreaktheInternet and a re-upped contract that made Huisman a series regular.


Huisman got started as a child actor in his native Holland, where he worked his way up to a top box-office draw. His first project in the U.S. was only five years ago, a role on HBO’s New Orleans drama Treme, after which the floodgates opened: In the past two years, along with Thrones, he’s appeared as a wizardly record producer on ABC’s Nashville; a tech genius and the main character’s baby daddy on Orphan Black; and Reese Witherspoon’s fling in Wild. Last fall, he also starred in a short film for Chanel No. 5 with Gisele Bündchen.


Next and notably, he aims for Hugh Grant territory in the upcoming cosmic romance The Age of Adaline. Blake Lively co-stars in the story of a woman who has an accident in 1935 that causes her to stay 29 years old forever. She goes on the run, leaving generations of heartbroken men in her wake, until she meets Huisman’s character, a wealthy philanthropist who tempts her to stay put. Huisman more than holds his own with both Lively and Harrison Ford, who plays his father.


Huisman—who lives in New Orleans with his wife and young daughter—called from Australia, where he’s shooting a movie, one of five to come out in the next two years. I talked with him about those projects, what’s next for Thrones, the prospect of posing for Playgirl, and aiming to be Cary Grant.


MICHAEL MARTIN: What drew you to The Age of Adaline?

MICHIEL HUISMAN: When I read the script, I was a little bit swept away, captivated by the sense of this young woman traveling through time. Right away, I could kind of see how beautiful that would be: to see this person through all these different decades. On top of that, one of the things that I was looking forward to was that he is this perfect single guy, right? He’s in San Francisco. He’s made a fortune. He’s now just a philanthropist. He’s a little bit too good to be true. So I thought it would be fun to try to undercut that.


MARTIN: He’s very persistent and seductive. What would you say is the key to on-screen seduction?

HUISMAN: [laughs] Um, I wouldn’t know. I guess look at the girl and breathe. It’s made very easy by such an amazing actress as Blake. So maybe that’s the secret to on-screen seduction: Blake Lively, in this case.


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Sadly I don’t have the photos yet but I did find one from the Instagram of the stylist and I got the scans of the magazine

He plays guitar in Nashville and keys in Treme. He slays in Game of Thrones and charms in Wild. This month he seduces audiences in Age of Adaline. Welcome to the high-flying world of a very talented and very handsome 33-year-old Dutchman.


In this loud pub in Central London’s Soho, Michiel Huisman might be the only man not shouting. As the striking actor settles into a corner booth, surveying the sea of rowdies, he mutters in his slightly Dutch-accented English, “How will we hear each other?” He orders a glass of rosé wine and ponders the menu. “I eat everything, unlike most f—ing actors,” he says with a grin. Huisman has just come from dubbing lines for The Age of Adaline, a film out this month that will cement Huisman’s status as Hollywood heartthrob. In this follow-up to last year’s well-received Wild, in which he steamed up Reese Witherspoon’s tent, he plays Ellis Jones, a man so dashing he lures an immortal woman (Adaline Bowman, played by Blake Lively) into mortality. But if he’s débuting as a silver-screen leading man, Huisman has had a long run smoldering on the small one. His recurring roles as Sonny on HBO’s Treme, as Cal on the hit sci-fi show Orphan Black, and as Liam McGuinnis on Nashville have turned Huisman into something of an old hand at the TV game. And that was before he starred as Daario Naharis in the behemoth that is Game of Thrones.


Not only is Huisman the quietest man at the pub, he’s also the best dressed. He’s quickly mastered the fashion demands that accompany stardom. Huisman is wearing a luxuriously soft gray marled sweater, which he sheepishly admits was a gift he received after appearing opposite supermodel Gisele Bündchen in the latest Chanel No. 5 perfume campaign. “One minute the casting director was checking my availability, the next I’m being flown out to work with Baz Luhrmann,” he says, rubbing the ruffled beard that gives his handsome looks a rugged quality. “It was a blast.”


Looking over your résumé, I wonder if there has ever been a TV show you haven’t appeared on.
I went from Treme for four seasons, which filmed about eight months of the year, to Nashville. Treme is gritty, raw. Nashville is country music and glamour. I’m lucky because in Nashville, I got to collaborate with one of the best actresses on TV, Connie Britton.


And now Game of Thrones.
Yes, now Daario on Game of Thrones. When you work on a show that’s already so well established, it can be hard not to think about that when you take on the role. But with Game of Thrones, once you’re on set, the cast is so professional; everyone is about the work and the story. Then you go home and think, Oh my god, I just shot a scene in Game of Thrones!


Is it true that you lied about being able to play piano to get the Treme job?

I did. I lied. But the thing is, I had musical experience. I played guitar in a band in the Netherlands and under my own name for years. We did typical singer- songwriter, pop-rock stuff. So I had a foundation to work on. But I wouldn’t recommend trying to learn piano in two months if you have no experience. My wife [fellow actress Tara Elders, whom Huisman married in 2008] and I have a home in New Orleans now. When we go back, I head out to the bars and play in bands, but I can only pull off boogie-woogie and blues. It drives my wife crazy. The other day she packed me off to my daughter’s piano teacher to learn something classical. You know what I learned? “Jingle Bells.”


What’s it like being married to an actress?

The best way to describe it is that we share everything. She helps me with every decision I have to make about work; she reads scripts and runs lines with me. So when I achieve something, I feel like it is our success, not mine alone.


How did you meet?

Our first kiss was onscreen. In 2003, I did a Dutch movie called Phileine Says Sorry. The scene was pretty horrible, actually. I played Phileine’s boyfriend, an actor named Max. In the film I do an avant-garde version of Romeo and Juliet with lots of nudity. Phileine shows up at the première with her friend Lala, played by my wife. But to shoot that scene took a week—a week of being bare-naked on that stage—knowing that this beautiful girl was sitting there in the audience watching me. Awful. But I guess it all worked out in the end.


You’ve been acting since you were a kid. Is it something you always knew you wanted to pursue?

I once made the mistake of saying I was a child actor. It’s technically true, but it sounds so … wrong, you know? The best thing about it that I remember was that I worked with a dog called Pepper. He was one of the dogs who played Benji in the films from the 1980s, and I loved him so much. The animal handler was like, “You know he’s about to retire. You could take him.” I did. He was one cool dog.


In the very rare moments when you’re not working, how do you relax?

When we have time off, we go back to the Netherlands, where we have a 19th-century farmhouse outside Amsterdam. What I really like to do is use my hands. I’m pretty bad at home improvements, but I like to fix stuff around the house. With an old farmhouse there’s endless opportunity. I love tools. I just bought a Makita drill with lithium batteries. I don’t know what that means or why that’s good, but I love it. I might get a tool belt, but I don’t want to push it just yet.


Source of transcribed article: DailyMichiel


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