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A Fansite for Dutch Actor/Musician Michiel Huisman

Welcome to Michiel Huisman Fan, the fansite for Dutch actor Michiel Huisman. Or as one article called him, 'that hot scruffy dude from all your favorite shows'! Whether you're a new fan or have followed his career, we hope to give you the most up-to-date and complete information about Michiel. Enjoy your stay!

I’ve been able to add some more screenshots to Michiel’s projects. Unfortunately, I was only able to find MQ quality/size for them. But if I find better quality, I’ll upgrade them. I also added some more event photos to existing events.


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I was finally able to track down a decent copy of Floris! Michiel looks so young and baby faced with no beard and blond hair.


Gallery Links:

Film Productions > Floris > Screencaps

Film Productions > Floris > Bloopers – Screencaps

Film Productions > Floris > Making of Floris – Screencaps

The Age of Adaline was released on BluRay this week and I have uploaded the screencaps. Do yourself a favor and go buy the movie! Also, included are some pictures of Michiel and his wife leaving a pool party in New Orleans. However, I didn’t include the photos showing their daughter’s face.


I’m going to try to get some video clips from Age of Adaline up this weekend but I won’t put up all of Michiel’s clips for awhile so people will go out and buy the movie!


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I’ve updated MQ screencaps from the Dutch series De Co-assistent plus the Man of the World Photoshoot. It’s an amazing shoot!


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Gallery Links:


I’ve added more older photoshoots that I could only get with tags but at least you get to enjoy some of his younger shots!


I was able to find some older photoshoots and event photos of Michiel from the Netherlands. Unfortunately they are MQ and tagged but I wanted to share them. Enjoy!

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I loved Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black even though it means we won’t see Cal again for awhile. Hopefully before next season though. I’ve added screencaps as well as some more episode stills! Don’t forget to check out the new video gallery when you have time.

Gallery Link:

– Photoshoots & Magazines > Magazine Scans > Best Movie – April 2015

– TV Productions > Orphan Black > Season 3 > 3.02 “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” Episode Stills

– TV Productions > Orphan Black > Season 3 > 3.02 “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” Screencaps


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