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RIDE CT – WEST HARTFORD, CT – It was happenstance that the white and teal Harley-Davidson motorcycle ridden by actor Michiel Huisman ended up parked next to a flat black Indian outside of Westfarms mall. Commenting about their adjacency to the “Games of Thrones” star was only natural, though, because of his latest role, and Huisman acknowledged the irony.


Best known for playing “sellsword” Daario Naharis on the HBO fantasy-drama series, Huisman depicts one of the Harley-Davidson’s founders, Walter Davidson, in the upcoming Discovery Channel miniseries “Harley and the Davidsons.” The three-parter not only recounts the motorcycle company’s founding in 1903 and its rise to prominence, but also the intense early rivalry that existed between Harley-Davidson and Indian.

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MOVIE NEWS GUIDE – Discovery Channel is all set to enrich viewers with their three-part limited series Harley and The Davidsons scheduled to premiere on Sep. 5, 2016.


The series is an impactful endeavor by Discovery to chronicle the growth of the iconic Harley Davidson brand of motorcycles. The series will trace the growth trajectory of its founders, brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson, and their buddy, Bill Harley, during a dynamic time of change and technological advances.


The company, nearly a hundred years old, is a testimony to the hard work and innovative practices that have led to the growth and success of this legendary brand.


The casting for this miniseries, Harley and The Davidsons, includes Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones), Robert Aramayo (Game of Thrones) and Bug Hall (The Little Rascals).


The official trailer for this much awaited miniseries premiered at the summer Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, according to Deadline.


In the trailer, viewers cannot miss Huisman’s Walter saying, “I’m going to put my money into this. We’ve got to be different. We’ve got to be bigger, stronger, faster.”


In the three-night miniseries, viewers will be given the opportunity to understand the mindset of the founders, their limitations and the stumbling blocks to their success. Viewers can take a leaf out of their experience and extrapolate it into their own lives to beat odds, surmount obstacles and make a success of their ventures.


Harley and the Davidsons is scheduled to begin its three-night premiere on Sep. 5, Monday, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery channel.


The series, Harley and The Davidsons, is a treatise on hardwork and success and the will to surpass indomitable odds to achieve their dream. The series shows that the road to success is never easy, but persistence and diligence pay off.


The trailer has created a record with the video touching about 7 million views.

DEADLINE – Harley and the Davidsons is part of Discovery Communications chief Rich Ross’s campaign to widen Discovery Channel’s scope, and looks to be off to a good start with its trailer clocking 7M views in about a week, outstripping any trailer ever posted to plug the networks’ well-known Shark Week, Ross said at TCA this afternoon.


Harley Davidson company opened up its archives, and family members spoke to researchers about family member and gave them historical background that was used to form characters and key events for the miniseries, debuting next month. But producers had complete editorial independence, and the company had no financial arrangement with the project, Raw Television’s EP Dimitri Doganis told TV critics this afternoon at TCA.


All the motorcycles used were made from scratch working, from archival information provided by the company, according to the projects’ bike fabricator Alex Wheeler. Harley and the Davidsons tells the story of founders Walter and Arthur Davidson and their friend Bill Harley, and charts the birth of this iconic bike during a time of great social and technological change beginning at the turn of the 20th century.


The frames were steel, there were no shocks, and the clutch was a leather belt that would tightening around a wheel, according to cast member Gabe Luna.


At bike racing events in the early days of the company, the motorcycles, which had no brakes, no gears, and hit 100 MPH, spewed oil, turning banked wooden tracks around which they raced into ice rinks. Historical data shows they were not only hugely dangerous to the riders and but also massively dangerous to spectators, especially when a bike caught on fire. “It genuinely was incredibly dangerous,” Doganis added, redundantly.

Harley and the Davidsons will air over three nights starting on September 5. Starring: Robert Aramayo as Bill Harley, Bug Hall as Arthur Davidson, Michiel Huisman as Walter Davidson, Gabriel Luna ans Eddie Hasha and Annie Read as Anna Harley.


MONSTERS AND CRITICS – Discovery Channel’s Harley and the Davidsons hits our screens in September — telling the story of the birth of one of the world’s most iconic brands.


And it seems the network made good choices when choosing who to cast in their lead roles, with two of the main characters revealing that they were bikers when they were younger.


Bug Hall, who plays Arthur Davidson, told the Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour how he spent his late teens and early 20s crossing America by motorcycle.


Meanwhile, Michiel Huisman, who plays Walter Davidson, also rode bikes through his 20s, though he grinningly admitted: “Once I became a husband, and a dad, I got a car.”


The miniseries was made with the help of the iconic motorcycle brand whose early days it depicts.


Executive producer Dimitri Doganis told the TCA event: “Harley-Davidson were extremely generous to open up their archives to us.”


The period piece is set in Milwaukee at the turn of the century, as Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson create a motorized bicycle before going on to set the standard for motorbikes across the globe, with their brand still a billion dollar business.


Robert Aramayo plays Bill Harley, with Gabriel Luna as Eddie Hasha and Annie Read as Anna Harley.


The miniseries is being made by Raw TV, which produces reality TV such as Gold Rush and Race For The White House.



USA TODAY – BEVERLY HILLS — A Discovery Channel miniseries about the creation of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle company offered a perk to its stars: the chance to ride modern re-creations of the company’s early bikes.


Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones), who plays one of the company’s founders in the three-part Harley and the Davidsons (Sept. 5-7, 9 ET/PT), talked about the fun early motorcycles, with engines designed from scratch, at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Monday.


“I was lucky enough to ride replicas of bikes that don’t exist anymore, or they’re behind glass at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee,” he says, adding he rode motorcycles in his 20s. “They were great fun to ride and very challenging to ride, but I think compared to the (originals). they were probably really smooth.”


Harley follows founders Walter Davidson (Huisman), William “Bill” Harley (Robert Aramayo, Game of Thrones) and Arthur Davidson (Bug Hall, The Little Rascals) from the creation of their company at the dawn of the 20th century through its early decades of growth and development, as its motorcycles became a symbol of American freedom.


Harley features scenes of motorcycle racing, a very risky proposition in the early years, said executive producer Dimitri Doganis.


“At the time, motorcycling was an incredibly dangerous activity and motorcycle racing was extremely dangerous. … the bikes had no brakes and no gears. You would turn them on and they would go as fast as they could go,” Doganis said. The machines also would spew oil on the velodrome-like wooden tracks, so that “these things were not only hugely dangerous to the riders, they were also massively dangerous to the spectators because the bikes would fly into the crowd and there were historical examples … of multiple spectators being killed. This was a gladiatorial arena.”


Harley also stars Stephen Rider (Daredevil), Jessica Camacho (Sleepy Hollow), Daniel Coonan (EastEnders) and Gabe Luna (Matador).



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